Resilience Reduce and remove wrinkles with lifting effect This is currently the most advanced active ingredient release system. The active ingredients target specific cells and release the active ingredient where it is necessary. The encapsulated active ingredients target specific cells and cross their membrane penetrating inside it. As they are encapsulated they maintain their stability and reach in a perfect condition the place where the active ingredient is released (inside the cell). +35. All skin types. Resilience Cream Compostition: Cu-palmitoyl heptatide 14, palmitoyl heptatide and natural extracts. With an intense lifting effect, wrinkle filler, it provides a firmer appearance, longer-lasting moisturising and radiance for 24 hours. 50ml CODE r3 200ml CODE r1 Resilience Cleansing Mousse Composition: citric acid, calendula and cocoate. With a pH level similar to that of the skin and a silky texture, this foam cleanses and relives respecting the natural skin protection barrier. It leaves the skin fully clean, revitalised, free of impurities, fresh and radiant. CODE r2 12 units display 200ml CODE r6 Resilience Daily Care kit Cream 50ml + Serum de 35 ml + Mousse 200ml. CODE r5 Resilience Serum Composition: Cu-palmitoyl heptatide 14.


Effective anti-age serum that regenerates the skin, reduces the depth of wrinkles, moisturises and nourishes deeply. Its intense smoothing action with extraordinary lifting effect

Resiliece face cream Utsukusy

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